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As I was working out the details of this first post I thought I’d also ask Nancy if she had a photo or quote that represented her definition of “balance”. Below is the photo she shared is one she did in the 80’s that still represents her idea of inner balance.


Finding the ‘still-point’ of inner balance in a turbulent world.

by Nancy Wait, oil on canvas, 36″x28″ (1988)


"Portal" | Finding the 'still-point' of inner balance in a turbulent world. | by Nancy Wait, oil on canvas, 36"x28" (1988)

Nancy Wait | Artist, Author, Actress, Radio Host

Nancy lives in New York City. In 2011 she published her first memoir, [amazon-product text=”The Nancy Who Drew” type=”text”]1461079748[/amazon-product], and is currently working on a follow-up book.

Her first career was that of an actress in England in the 1970s (as Nancie Wait), and after a spiritual awakening in 1976 she shifted over to painting. In 1987, when the energies changed again, she began to study writing, as she was now being guided to write about her life and the transformational journey she experienced through painting her inner life. Since 2009 she has been sharing her experiences and those of her guests on the Blog Talk Radio show, Art and Ascension, and in the fall of 2011 she began a new show called Dancing In The Shift. Nancy is also a writing coach and editor, as well as a portrait artist, a voice and speech coach, and the mother of a college-age son.


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