Oneness, it’s time


I scratched this into my offline notebook journal a while back.. thought I’d share it. “as is” .. enjoy!

I drop to my knees upon the cold, hard earth
I lay my palms down and lean my head to face the earth
I begin to cry — for me, for friends, for all
Leaning my head back & looking up to the sky
I cry out to the Great Spirit
Why must there be so much suffering, anger, hate and death?
Why must there be battles, and war?
Closing my eyes,
I hear him speak, his voice soft and calming
“To value what you have, you must first go without.

To value what is truly important you must first have nothing.

Hate is only a learned trait. You must first teach love, give love, before hate is overcome.
War is not of the Great Spirit, our creator.
Man is left to make his own choices.
I set a path for man at birth, yet I cannot make him follow.

In times to come, man will know of the pain of war. War does not make peace.

People, love, unity make peace. War creates more hate, violence, death,

and continues on this vicious cycle, never ending.

Let us not give in to the ways of harshness, cruelty, anger, hate, violence, and war.
Let us go our own way, our ancestors’ way, the peaceful way.”
Oneness ~ it *is* time

Like a circle, never-ending
so is Life on Earth

That which was
so shall be again
That which is old
will be anew again
The beginning is the End
The end is the Beginning

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