The Greatest Paradox of All


The Greatest Spiritual Paradox of All!

At the root of all unhappiness in the world,

with all the evil and negative

thoughts and emotions that inevitably go with unhappiness, lies
the selfish desire to make ourselves happy and our own lives better.

That enviable, and oh so coveted feeling of genuine happiness that every
human being seeks, and that so many spend their lives fruitlessly
trying to find, and fearing that
everyone else has more of it than they do, and never understanding why, begins only with a real desire to make
others happy, and their lives better.

The great happiness found in love doesn’t come from receiving it, it
comes from giving it! The only thing
that stands in the way of our giving it to anyone
and everyone, is our own ego, and all the selfishness it brings into our
lives. Remove ego and all it’s twisted and selfish
motives, and all its irrational fears, and
a very real and lasting
happiness is handed to us on a platter!
The work of battling ego is the
only the work of self honesty. There is
no more terrifying or rewarding fight we will ever fight. But there is no other work that needs to be
done, just take away ego and peace of
mind and real happiness is ours!

Our emotions are always preceded by the thoughts that bring them, so what
are the thoughts that precede the feeling of love? Whether we come to it gradually or come to it
instantly, as it does to a parent with
a new child, it is always the same. It comes when our thinking reaches a point
where we find ourselves caring more about another
persons happiness and well being than we do about our own.

The incredible paradox is that when we care more about another persons happiness and well being than we do about our own, is when we are the happiest a human being can
ever be!!

God made us that way, made us so that our greatest natural instinct was to be happy. It is even greater than our
instinct to survive, hence all the people who commit suicide when they believe
that happiness is impossible for them!

And then God made us so that our greatest feeling of happiness would come from caring for, having compassion for, tolerance for, patience for,
understanding for, looking out
for, helping and loving each other. He put our greatest happiness there in the
hope that we would do just that. But so
many of us go through life never discovering that very simple secret,
and always believing that happiness will come from the attainment of one
selfish and ego related goal or another.
But no matter how many we achieve,
we never feel as though we are quite there yet, and we are not. It is never there to be found. But that momentary feeling of pride we get
when we attain those goals, causes us
over and over again to continue believing we are on the right track, just always falling short somehow. And unfortunately always certain that the it
will be found in the next selfish goal.

Our compassion has to be for those who never figure out the truth, and
spend their lives badly, looking for it where it doesn’t exist. Their actions might sometimes just be foolish, and at times even bad,
but they aren’t bad human beings.
God didn’t make any junk! They only want to be happy like every human
other being, and are incredibly confused and misguided about how to get there, just as so many of us have been. Our
goal has to be to help them find the truth!
And if we do that, if we have
compassion and a genuine desire to try
to help them to have better and happier lives,
whether we accomplish that or
not, we will find our own happiness!

M.V. Kercher

Putting conditions on love is like saying, “I’ll make myself the happiest any human being can be, as soon as you
prove you deserve it.!!”

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