What is no-thought? Silence?

Before the thought arose, there was silence; when the thought is no more, there is silence. How is it that I never become aware of this Silence?

Could there be awareness of Thought, if there were no silence to support it? In the background?

Does the Silence ever disappear? ………..And Thought?

What is a Thought? Words? A string of words?

Where does word come from? Rise from? ….. From Silence? When the word is no more, where does it go? Disappear into?……Silence?

When the word is no more, is it really no more? Could it have its entity even when it is no more?………….. As silence?

That, which is born from silence, is sustained by silence, dies into silence; can it be other than silence?

Is Silence a word? A thought? Or, no- word? No-thought? Just being?

And, now comes the rub!
Why should you be reading these thoughts on No-thought?
The knowers of silence say,
When silence is known, all is known. All you could desire is then within your grasp. Silence is the intelligence, from which all wisdom flowers. It is the fulfilment of life; nay, all evolution.

As we read these words, our minds do not accept their truth,
And, therefore, we continue Our game ,according to our concepts and conditionings,
The game of herculian efforts, and what we think are achievements, successes,
Till one day, it dawns on us, totally tired and fagged out , that all we ever valued
did not have the power
to give us what we were always seeking;

and what we were seeking was only
a moment’s repose;

just One Moment ……………
Total, and absolute repose right Now.

It is right that it should be so; for all this is the play of Universal Consciousness, Which is
What You are.

narinder bhandari

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