What is Sacred to Youth? A Brief Questionnaire from Willi Paul. Teaching Video #4


What is Sacred to Youth? A Brief Questionnaire from Willi Paul & CommunityAlchemy.com. Teaching Video #4. (version 1.0) Sponsored by openmythsource.com


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Per dictionary.reference.com for sacred:


religious purpose

divine things; holy

pertaining to or connected with religion

regarded with reverence: the sacred memory of a dead hero

sacred oaths; sacred rights

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What is Sacred to Youth? A Brief Video Questionnaire

1. What is NOT sacred to you?

2. Is sacred the same as holy?

3. Is sacred defined by a specific religious group? If so, which one?

4. Is Nature sacred?

5. Is the Planet – Mother Earth – sacred to you?

6. Can sacred be a living person or animal, plant, ocean or mountain?

7. Do you have sacred ideas? Books? Music?

8. What is sacred to your family and friends?

9. What forces are acting against your sacred beliefs?

10. How do you generate positive actions with your sacred beliefs?

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