What She Said



She said, “I am the Power, I am the Shakti, I am creating a new earth.

“I do not bring change in the old way, through your activism, politics, or religion. I am subtler and more intimate now, like the mist that watered the firmament before creation.

“I do not knock and enter, I seep through crevices of Being. You must be very quiet to receive me. Like a tincture of musk and poppies, I infuse. I use the yoni and the wound, the furrow. I fill the black hole with glittering stars of pure possibility; not far away, at the center of a galaxy, but in the core of your proton, the heart of the atom in your body.

“I do not need your works, your words, or your ideas. I need your Being. For the gateway to the new earth, and the portal where you welcome me, is the stillness between deeds, the silence between words, the space between thoughts.

“To receive me, do dynamically less than nothing. Shift your attention ever so gently inward, settling from thinking into Being. This distance is less than the width of a hair, yet it is the pathless path from what has already passed away, to the new creation.

“I am the power, I am the Shakti, I am creating something completely different now. Do not await the shift. You ARE the shift.”

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