Blue Wave


Swirls, swishing of electric Father-love, love that God is, love that we were made from, love that we return to.
Revelation, one heart all hearts, we all crave.
we, the blue wave, we the sown, we the reaped, His reward. He knew what He was doing in creating the woman (mankind). Adam Kadmon, no mythical anything, no LORE, all true.
Sapphire! Sapphire says all is one. Can we keep going, and not stagnate, not be prideful in Revelation from our YHVH? Yod He Vau He, Father-Son-Spirit-Church, and we the Blue imagination, His fiery thought realm so so so connected to His emotion-desire, the never has been, yet fulfilled. What did our grandaddy Abraham find? Belief will be, let it be, let.let.let fiery belief current reproduce, and 12 Tribes of Israel went pop pop pop! Blue Wave love, Blue Wave perfected Love thru many midnights of the soul. After Solomon dedicated the Temple he said “YHVH said He would dwell in the thick darkness.” Yes! We are God’s darkness (God hidden), who become thru Him, God seen! Hail Creator, Hail Savior, Blue wave returned.

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