Emmaus Road Hearts

Queen of Sheba steps into quantum-aetheric path while gazing and listening to King Solomon. She sees past, present, and future as one, and asks Solomon, “is your Jehovah, their Yeshua?” And our Emmaus Road hearts dine with Him as He incarnates in us.
Emmaus Road hearts dine with Him, as perception of Jesus of Nazureth vanishes for incarnation nature High Priest, Melchisidech face on this human flaw canvas, yess!!!!! Quantum, non-local in space and time. Available to all. Given to the globe. Gentiles are necessary: every movement of the Spirit becomes a gathering so that when He moves onward, and the gathering puts God in a mind-box, the progression-revelation is rejected and it bounces off the elect, and is poured upon the so-called non-covenant people, and the wise are taken in their own craftiness.
Years go by, and the Gamelials are wise to say “though we held to yesterdays manna, there is mercy to be gathered with the harlots who surpassed our spiritual stature.” Yay for Gamalial!
Subconcious lilitu rose from the sea, riding the beast, but those who count the number of their beast enter (via humility) the fullness of the measure of Christ, the perfect man, the perfect regenerated. Lilith becometh Shekinah!

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