Letting Love Out


As I held the heart shaped crystal in my hand, all you could see was a tiny sliver. The rest was covered by my fingers. I didn’t think much of it, that’s how I always held it. Then one day, I decided to open my fingers and let the stone rest in my palm. The full colors and beauty shown and could be viewed from all angles.  Wow, it was pretty when it wasn’t covered up.

I bet you think this is a story about opening your heart. Close, but not what you think.  I began to look a little deeper and realized an important lesson. With the stone sitting in my palm, its beauty could radiate in all directions.

Here’s what I realized that made an amazing change in my life.   We’ve all heard about letting love in and opening our heart. Agreed….but for me, letting love OUT was a big key.

I’ve experimented with opening my heart and letting love flow from all directions to everyone and what a difference! I have my boundaries of course and no way am I being a doormat!!

But, I’ve just allowed love to flow as much as possible without expectations.  Drivers not paying attention, less than motivated co-workers asking the same dumb questions, rude people, etc. Of course don’t forget the big one; myself and my quirks. I’ve made a conscious effort to be kind and either attempt to find the good in all interactions or just let it go.

Guess what has happened in literally days? People go out of their way to be friendly to me, major issues seem have become much easier to resolve and several of my goals, are just falling into place almost effortlessly.  Even my cats sit next to me more instead of hanging outside.  You know if your cats accept you, you’re doing something right!!!

This doesn’t mean everything is just blissful. Life challenges still arise and have to be dealt with, bills need to paid, groceries bought, the cars still need fuel, dinner has to be cooked, laundry done and the house still doesn’t clean itself.  Darn!!

And don’t think I’m perfect now either.  Ha! I still feel fear, pain, anger, and can spout off a tirade of expletives at the drop of a hat. But hey I’m on a journey of learning. I’m not perfect and thank god, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

As you wander this road of life, try letting love out and see what happens.  If we all did, there’d be a whole lot more love in the world and that would be a very good thing.

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